Magic Valley Turfgrass produces perennial ryegrass sod for residential, commercial, and sports turf landscapes. Perennial ryegrass is a deep-rooted, bunch-type turfgrass species that exhibits a dark green color, excellent density, superior wear tolerance, natural insect resistance, and tolerance of close mowing.

This turfgrass species are well-suited to high traffic areas, sports surfaces such as golf course tees, collars and fairways, baseball fields, football fields, and soccer fields. It also can provide an excellent lawn. Southern Idaho is arguably the best location in the United States to grow quality perennial ryegrass due to low humidity, abundant sunshine, and mild winters.

Perennial ryegrass can be mowed from 1/4 inch to 3 inches and provide an excellent surface.

This turfgrass will perform best with 2 to 4 applications of fertilizer per year. Deep and infrequent irrigation (1 to 3 times per week) is recommended to maintain a strong root system and good turf vigor. At sites with extended snow cover, preventive snow mold measures are recommended. Perennial ryegrass is susceptible to ice damage at sites where ice persists for more than 30 to 60 days.

Magic Valley Turfgrass field nets perennial ryegrass to provide sod strength when harvesting and installing sod. Perennial ryegrass can provide stunning visual quality with its deep green color, fine leaf texture, and exceptional density. If you want the greenest lawn in the neighborhood or desire a turf that will hold up to heavy traffic, perennial ryegrass is a great choice.