Magic Valley Turfgrass offers Fine Fescue as a low maintenance, fine-textured lawn alternative. Fine fescue is characterized by its very fine leaf texture, tolerance of a wide range of mowing heights, excellent appearance, and low requirements for water and fertility. Fine fescues have been used for decades in home lawns, parks, commercial properties, and golf courses. This turfgrass can be mowed as low as ¼ inch for green golf use in cool climates, standard 2 to 3-inch mowing heights for lawns, or allowed to naturalize in an un-mowed state. Higher mowing heights of 2.5 to 3 inches will promote the strongest root development and subsequent drought tolerance.

The narrow, V-shaped leaf blades minimize moisture evaporation from the turf canopy resulting in reduced water requirements as compared with bluegrass or ryegrass. Only small amounts of fertility are required to maintain good quality and low fertility inputs allow fine fescue to maintain a passive growth state that results in reduced mowing. Fine fescues are well adapted to shady locations but also are suitable for full sun locations. This variety also contains natural insect resistance and has low susceptibility to disease. Fine fescue is an excellent choice for a low maintenance, attractive lawn in Central and Southern Idaho.

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